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Card Payment

Card Payment

Way to Accept card payment

Simply enter the card details or scan it through your smartphone’s camera or you can tap any card with PayWave/PayPass logo on the back of your NFC-enabled device and it will automatically fill in the card details.

It will charge a card in less than 30 seconds.


Go Paperless! Get Paid Faster!

Create and send professional invoices in seconds and get paid directly inside the invoice. Simple & easy-to-use online invoicing and payment solution.

Auto-send receipts, remind your customer to Pay, and much more!!

Stripe Create Invoice Send Accept Payment FacilePay

Items Management

Items Management

Manage your item easily

Having to enter the same information over and over gets annoying quickly.

Store and manage both your customers and items for use later on an invoice, making invoices easier than ever.

Multi Currency Support

We support multiple currency

Collect a payment with any currency, as long as it is supported by Stripe and your bank account.

Take payment in 135+ currencies!

Stripe Currency List Accept FacilePay

Stripe Subscription Recurring Payment FacilePay

Recurring Payments

No Monthly Cost

New trusted all-in-one tool that enables you to automate recurring payments for your customers.

It’s simple and compatible for every kind of business.

Payment Links

Easy & Secure way to generate Payment Link and get it Paid

Simply create a payment request (just need the amount and description), generate links, and share the link with your customer through SMS, Email, or WhatsApp.

Your customers can follow the link to make a quick payment using a Credit/Debit Card Or PayPal Or AliPay Or WeChat.

Stripe Payment Link Session FacilePay

About Us

Why FacilePay?

Now, your small business can accept credit/debit card payment even without having a conventional card reader or scanner. All you need is your Stripe account and your smartphone.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a customer in front of you, who wants to give you money, you are swiping their card to no avail with no other way to take it. With this app, you don’t need a card reader and it’s as simple as taking a picture or entering the card number!

The credit card information will not be stored on your phone or in your app. All the information will directly go to Stripe through an encrypted connection and Stripe processes the transaction. For the security purpose, Stripe is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). All the payment information is safeguarded on Stripe’s secure server.

Save now with


FacilePay takes a really tiny fee of only 1.25% on every transaction. There’s no monthly charge, no minimums, and absolutely nothing else on top.

1.25% Transaction Fee

*Stripe fee applicable

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What People Say


Awesome app, works perfectly with a linked stripe account. This app saves you a lot of hassle with carrying a separate card terminal and if fully secure with finger Print access. People need to understand that this app is not the company who handle the actual transaction but only a connection for you to submit the payment to the stripe portal for them to instantly process the payment. Great app and keep up the great work!

Surprisingly easy to set up and use. I run two stripe accounts, each in different currencies. On my previous app it didn’t allow me to switch between the two. I downloaded and set up Easy Pay without any problems. Intuitive menu made it incredibly simple to run a test transaction which worked perfectly first time. This is how apps should be. Congrats